Are you investing for retirement?  Nearing or living in retirement?

    Whether you have a long time horizon to build up assets or are managing the withdrawal of your retirement savings we can help you the entire course of the journey.  The advisors at Summit Wealth Strategies work to understand your financial priorities, preferences and concerns.  Our clients share their current financial information with us and we will use that to develop a personalized analysis.  Armed with your information and guidance we will do our homework using advanced planning software, numerous Raymond James departments and professional networks and come back to you with a clear plan to support your priorities.  If we discover other issues or opportunities we think could impact your well-being, we’ll share those as well.  Whether our clients’ retirement needs are basic income generation, supplementing dependable income streams and leveraging taxation options to long term care needs for yourself or a family member, opportunities to improve your cash flow by restructuring debt, or legacy planning we can design and implement a process addressing your unique needs and desires.  We will continually monitor and assess your situation and adjust our process accordingly.
    Get helpful information whether your investing, nearing and living in retirement:

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